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Hello, and welcome to Mia's Shoebox.

Mia's Shoebox  is owned and operated by our family owned company - Solo, LLC. We are a purely internet based Custom store which means we specialise in the sale of anything Custom only through the World Wide Web. We are an independent custom retailer and we are located in Delaware . Our web site officially opened for business October 2010 with the ultimate aim of one day becoming America's best known, and loved, online custom store.

We despatch orders US-wide and to several international destinations. We allow customer pickups, customer enquiries via phone or email, and in many cases we can ship orders same day. Our warehouse allows us to hold stock while our web site tracks stock in real-time so we can despatch orders quickly and efficiently at all times.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide our customers with a great custom orders,
  • Offer the customs at the lowest possible price,
  • Provide a friendly, fast, and reliable service at all times,
  • Give our customers total piece-of-mind should anything go wrong,
  • And make our store as easy as possible to use and navigate.